Mike Anderson

I would like to recognize Mike Anderson because of his dedication to not only his team, but to his players as well.
For example:

1) Even if its raining and practice has been officially cancelled, Mike will still say if anyone wants to come out and throw the ball around, to please join him on the field. Thats dedication.
2) After each practice has ended, the players usually  ask Mike if they can practice for some more.  Mike will ask the parents if its ok and then he will continue practice for about another half hour.
3) After each practice and after each game, Mike will call all the players to the side and give pointers and positive reinforcements about either the practice or game.
4) He tries to teach the players about the game rather than just practice.  He wants the players to love & understand the game as much as he does.
In closing, Mike Anderson deserves to be recognized as an amazing coach.
Thank you

Nav Jagpal

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