Field Maintenance

Racking and Dragging the Field
  • Insert sleeve caps before raking or dragging.
  • Rake parallel to the edge of the grass to prevent the formation of a lip or build-up of dirt on the edge of the grass.
  • When dragging, drag at least 6 inches away from the edge of the grass to prevent dirt from getting on the grass. Rake the dirt edge near the grass slowly by hand.
Centennial Park Diamond Repair and Maintenance

Dirt Material beside batting cage is used for the following and not for the mound, batter’s boxes, or grass:

  • infield
  • base paths
  • area behind the batter’s and catcher’s boxes, excluding the grass area

To fill in holes on the mound or batter’s boxes only use the Turface-brand red molding clay found in bags in the bin beside the lime.

To fill in holes in the grass, only use the material from the box at the east end of the Oval.

Installing Bases
  1. Find bases (with stem) in bin.
  2. Find tool to clean out base sleeves in bin.
  3. Remove caps from base sleeves.
  4. Place stem of base into sleeve. If base sits above the dirt, remove base and use tool to remove dirt from base sleeve.
Lining the Field
Batter’s Box
  • Find batter’s box template in bin.
  • Line up batter’s box template as follows.

  • Using your finger or something with a point trace line in dirt on outside of template.
  • Repeat on opposite side.
  • Get lime spreader.
  • Lime lines for batter’s box.
Foul Lines
  • Find string roll in bin.
  • Line up one end of string to the back point of plate (see photo below which contains a link to a Youtube instructional video) and the other end to the foul line on the outfield grass. It helps if you can get at least one person to hold the end of the string to ensure the line stays straight.
  • Lime on the inside (fair side) of the line.
  • Remove base from sleeve so that you don’t run into it when liming.

Crescent Park South Diamond Fence Setup

People: Minimum of two people. Four is ideal.
Tools: Long slotted screwdriver.
Time: 30 to 45 minutes.


Step 1: Find the long slotted screwdriver in the bin.

Step 2: In the outfield starting at one foul line and moving towards the other, remove the yellow post sleeve caps using the screwdriver. Place the cap beside the post sleeve, outside of where the fence will stand.

Step 3: Get the rolled up fence and the posts from the bin and carry to outfield.

Step 4: Starting at 1st base foul line to 3rd base foul line, unroll the fence.

Step 5: Lay out one post near each ground sleeve. Note. The end posts are heavier and have a white label near the top.

Step 6: Starting at the 1st base foul line install netting on post by:

  • slipping the bottom of the pole through the loop at the bottom of the net
  • inserting the pole into the ground sleeve
  • sliding the top cap from the net onto the top of the post.

Note. Do not install a post along the third base foul line. The installers put an extra sleeve at this location to show the foul line.

End posts
3rd base foul line