Registration FAQs

Spring 2023 Registration

To register for spring baseball, please go to our Registration page.


Q: If I am new to the league this year, why do I have to pay the volunteer fee for the previous year?

The volunteer fee applies to your first year with WRSSBA. If you volunteer in the current registration year, you won’t have to pay the volunteer fee next year.

Thank you in advance for lending a hand, as we are a grassroots organization and we are 100% volunteer run.

Q: Do We Have To Live In White Rock Or South Surrey To Play For WRSSBA?

Our governing association, BC (Minor) Baseball, has strict requirements related to registering with an association when your permanent residence is outside the catchment area of that association.

We will not register players who live outside of our catchment areas without the proper approved Player Movement Form from BC (Minor) Baseball signed by your area’s Association President, our President, and by BC (Minor) Baseball Association’s Eligibility Committee.

Our BC (Minor) Baseball catchment area is defined as follows:

  • The West boundary is Crescent Beach
  • North boundary is Colebrook Road from Crescent Beach to 152nd Street then 40th Ave. from 152nd Street to 196th Street.
  • East Boundary is 196th Street from 40th Avenue to 0 Avenue.
  • South Boundary is 0 Avenue.

BC (Minor) Baseball Catchment Map

Q: What Do I Do If I Am An “Out Of Catchment” Player That Wants To Play At WRSSBA?

If you live outside of WRSSBA’s boundaries, you must contact your local association to determine if you are eligible  for the Release Procedure outlined in Rule 6: Player Eligibility – Release Procedure of the current BC (Minor) Baseball Rulebook.

The Player Movement Request form is posted on BC (Minor) Baseball’s Document page.

Please contact your association President and your Division Coordinator if you require clarification of this rule for your situation.

If at any time your residency comes into question you will be required to provide a proof of residency, (e.g., driver’s license, utility bill)

If you have not obtained a player movement release and it is determined that your permanent address is not within the established BC (Minor) Baseball boundary for WRSSBA, your child will not be permitted to play for WRSSBA.

Team Formation And Special Requests

In an effort to keep the teams balanced to provide a more enjoyable experience for the players, we will not accept any special requests to play with a friend or relative. Initially, coaches will be able to select up to two assistant coaches. Beyond that, our division coordinators or coordinator and coaches through a draft will determine which players play on which teams. A team manager and an additional assistant coach, if required, are added after the teams are formed.

Playing Up Policy

In efforts to provide the best development for all players, WRSSBA does allow players to play up a division. However, the player must show exceptional ability and maturity.

If  you think your son or daughter should play up a division:

  • Make a request through the division coordinator for the division you are requesting to play up in, for consideration.
  • Obtain a recommendation from the previous season’s coach (regular or post season), and/or the Player Development Coordinator.
  • Ensure that your player has gone through or goes through an independent evaluation process.
  • Be aware that playing up may or may not have implications towards post season/summer ball opportunities.
  • Be aware that final sign-off will come from the Jr. VP, Sr. VP or President.
  • If you have received written permission to play up a division, please register your player in the higher division.
  • If you have not received written permission, please register your player in the division they would normally play in.
Q: At Which Parks Will My Child Play Games And Practice?

Please refer to the Fields page for a list of the fields.

Q: What Division Should I Be Registering My Child For?

The division is based on the birth year of the player.

Please refer to the main Registration page for full details on age eligibility by division.

General Registration Faqs
  • Early bird fees in effect until January 31st ($25 less)
  • No refunds are given after the first game of that season has been played.
  • $25 withdrawal fee after March 15th
  • Please note that when you pay your registration via Credit Card and then request a refund the Association will refund the registration amount back to your credit card; occasionally we will  provide the refund via cheque.

Divisions and Coordinators

Divisions and Coordinators

For specific enquiries about divisions and teams, please contact the appropriate coordinator for your player’s age group.

Division Birth Year Ages* Coordinator(s) Email
5U 2019 5** *Position Available!
6U & 7U (Rally Cap) 2017-18 6 & 7 Ryan Gibson
8U & 9U (Tadpole) 2015-16 8 & 9 Kevin Dueck
11U (Mosquito) 2013-14 10 & 11 Gabe Embley & Greg Funk
13U (Peewee) 2011-12 12 & 13 Michael Carriere
15U (Bantam) 2009-10 14 & 15 Shamus Rickerby
18U (Midget) 2006-08 16, 17 & 18 Jeff Lewis


Practices & Games

Practices & Games
How Many Games & Practices Are There Per Week?

The following is a general guideline by division:

Division Games per week Practices per week
Challenger 1 0
5U (Rally Cap) 2 0
7U (Rally Cap) 2 0 or 1
9U (Tadpole) 2 1 or 2
11U (Mosquito) 2 or 3 1 or 2
13U (Peewee) 2 or 3 1 or 2
15U (Bantam) 2 or 3 1 or 2
18U (Midget) 2 or 3 1 or 2

Please note that the frequency of team practices is at the coach’s discretion.

The specific days allocated to each division and tier, if applicable, are determined in March.

Required Forms

Required Forms
Code of Conduct Forms

All Players and Parents must read, sign, and adhere to, the applicable code of conduct. Beginning in Spring 2021, these forms are virtually signed during the registration process. These forms will be available online for your Coaches and Team Managers in Teamsnap.

Emergency Contact and Medical Information Form

This form should be completed and given to the head coach to hold.

Player Emergency Contact and Medical Information Form 

Coach Application Form

This form will be used primarily to help in summer ball coach selection.

Coach Application 

Financial Aid

Financial Aid
Is There Any Financial Assistance For Low Income Families?

The following organizations provide help with registration costs for youth amateur sports.

  • KidSport™ British Columbia
  • BC (Minor) Baseball Kid Play Program
  • Athletics 4 Kids
  • Canadian Tire Jumpstart®

Details on these programs including links to the information pages and applications are supplied below.

Kidsport™ British Columbia

We believe that every child should have the opportunity to experience the joys of a season of sport. Abundant research exists that proves sport participation enhances academic performance, improves health and develops valuable life skills in the areas of teamwork, socialization, goal setting and time management.

KidSport believes that it truly takes a village to raise a child and our 41 community chapters are driven by incredibly passionate volunteers who, together with sport clubs in their communities, have a shared ownership in ensuring that no child is left on the sidelines.

The KidSport Fund is a program of Sport BC designed to “remove the financial obstacles that prevent underprivileged children from playing sport in British Columbia”. Each child aged 6 – 18 who applies is eligible for up to $200 for one season of sport.

Apply Online or using the following form:

KidSport Application – Surrey/White Rock

Canadian Tire Jumpstart ®

We get kids in the game by covering the costs of equipment, registration and/or transportation. We also lend support to unique initiatives aimed at increasing access to sport and recreation programs. Applications for assistance can be submitted from January 15 to June 1 for spring/summer programs, and from July 1 to November 1 for fall/winter programs.

  • Call 1-877-616-6600. Based on your postal code, a Call Centre representative will provide a contact on the closest Canadian Tire Jumpstart Chapter.
  • When calling your local Canadian Tire Jumpstart Chapter representative, be prepared to provide your contact information and the details of the sport or recreational activity your child would like to participate in. You may also be asked to provide financial information in order to prove eligibility for funding.
  • Applicants will be notified by the local Canadian Tire Jumpstart Chapter representative if they are approved or if further information is required.
  • All information received is kept confidential.

Apply Online

BC (Minor) Baseball Kidsplay Program

The purpose of the BC (Minor) Baseball KidsPlay Registration Assistance Program is to do our best to ensure that no one is denied access to BC (Minor) Baseball programs due to financial restrictions. BC (Minor) Baseball has been providing youth baseball programs throughout British Columbia since 1963.


In an attempt to be thorough and fair, when determining eligibility for KidsPlay Registration Assistance, we consider the following conditions:

  • Players ages 18 & under are eligible to apply for KidsPlay Registration Assistance.
  • Players must show a financial need for KidsPlay Registration Assistance.
  • Approved applicants are eligible to receive up to 75% of registration fees.
  • Applications must be received by April 15th
  • Applications will be reviewed in the order that they are received.
  • Incomplete applications will be returned and could cause a delay in processing.
  • First time applicants will be given preference for KidsPlay Registration Assistance.
  • If funding is not available, applicants will be notified at earliest possible time.
  • Funding is primarily for Spring Season, if funds are available we may be able to assist with Summer (All-Star) registration.

BC (Minor) Baseball KidsPlay Guidelines and Application

Athletics 4 Kids

How we help

All across BC, hundreds of children and youth are denied the opportunity to participate in amateur sports due to one simple fact: lack of funds.

As a privately funded charity, we are able to get dollars into the hands of those who need it most, quickly and effectively. We help families bear the expense of having their children participate in organized sports because we believe that all kids should have the chance to play.

The support of A4K is available province-wide for children ages 5 to 18 who are currently enrolled in school. Basic registration fees are paid for a multitude of approved sports, up to an annual maximum of $600 per child (which is considerably higher than other sport funding charities).


Apply online

Uniforms & Equipment

Uniforms and Equipment

Coaches/managers will be collecting a $80 uniform deposit cheque at the beginning of the season. This cheque will not be cashed if your uniform is returned in good condition at the end of the season.

There is no uniform deposit cheque required for the Rally Cap 5U and 7U divisions, as these players get to keep their jerseys.

Parents are responsible for providing the following equipment for their child:

  • Batting helmet (with chinstrap).
  • Rally cap and Tadpole have some team helmets.
  • ​Chin straps are mandatory for all levels except:
    • ​18U Midget
    • ​15U Bantam AAA​
  • Baseball glove.
  • Baseball bat (optional). ​WRSSBA supplies team bats for some divisions (e.g., Rally Cap, Tadpole).
  • ​Baseball bag (optional, but recommended).
  • Jock/Jill (mandatory for all levels).
  • ​Baseball pants – grey.
  • Belt – black (optional but recommended).
  • Baseball cleats. Soccer cleats allowed. Running shoes okay but limit traction.
  • ​Practice jersey/shirt.
  • ​​Generally game jerseys should not be worn to practice.
  • Batting gloves (optional)

WRSSBA supplies the following:

  • Baseball cap
  • Game jersey
  • Catcher’s gear
  • Team bats
  • Baseballs