Volunteer Information


Volunteer Program Overview
Mandatory Volunteer Requirements
  • When you register your child online you will have the option of volunteering for the spring season or paying the opt-out fee and not volunteering. There is only one fee/opt out required per family. For example, if you have two players, you or another family member have to volunteer for only one volunteer activity.
  • Once the season starts, you sign-up for concession and other non-coaching volunteer opportunities through our Volunteer Signup postings.
  • When your family has fulfilled its volunteer duties for the spring season you will receive a credit for the following season. If you indicate that you will volunteer but don’t, you will not receive a volunteer credit and will have to pay an additional $125 per family the next time you register.
Types of Volunteer Opportunities
  • Head Coach (1 per team)
  • Assistant Coach (up to 3 per team)
  • Team Manager (1 per team)
  • Concession Duty (2 shift minimum)
  • WRSSBA Executive Member (only a few positions remain)
  • Opening/Fun Day Volunteer
  • Equipment Day Volunteer

Note: Scorekeeping, pitch counting, field duty (i.e., set up/take down) and occasional coaching assistance with games or practices are not eligible for volunteer credit.

Opt-Out Volunteer Option

We understand that there are circumstances where families are unable to fulfill their volunteer requirements.  You have the option to pay $100 online and forfeit your volunteer requirements.  There will be an option to “Opt-out of Volunteer Duties” made available on the Payment Option page.

Note 1: There are no exemptions from the volunteer program, other than through the opt-out process above.

Note 2: Paying the opt-out fee does not exempt you from performing basic team duties, such as scorekeeping, pitch counting or performing field duty before or after games.

Note 3: Paying the opt-out fee does not exempt you from performing duties (e.g., concession or field maintenance) if your team is a host team playing in a WRSSBA tournament.

Volunteer FAQs

Volunteer FAQs
Do I Have To Volunteer?


The association understands that there are certain circumstances that lead to families not being able to volunteer.  If you know that you will not be able to volunteer, you can opt out of the mandatory volunteer requirements by paying a $125 opt-out fee.

There will be an option to “Opt out of Volunteer Duties” in the online registration.

If I Don’t Volunteer Where Does The Money Go?

The money collected through the Volunteer Opt-Out process is used to pay others to perform the duties that are required to deliver the community baseball program for our members.

In many cases local high schoolers, or even older players in the association are hired for those activities that do not have enough volunteer resources.

How Do I Find Out About Volunteer Opportunities?

Once the season is underway, the Volunteer Signup page will be populated with non-coaching volunteer opportunities to be claimed on a first-come-first-serve basis. Volunteer Signup is located under Resources > Parents.

Also watch for email messages looking for volunteers for different events.

Does One Member Of The Family Have To Do All The Volunteering?

No, multiple family members can combine efforts to meet the volunteer requirements.

How Long Do I Have To Volunteer?

The Volunteer Program will run concurrent with the various seasonal programs offered by WRSSBA:

Season Volunteer Period
Spring Baseball February – June
Summer Baseball June – August
Fall Baseball August – October


For Spring baseball, you should try to meet your volunteer requirements before the end of May as Spring Baseball wraps up in June and we move right into Summer Baseball.