Craig Meyer

See the Greatness in Everyone

I would like to recognize Coach Craig Meyer on the Giants 7U team.

My son Henry joined the team 1 month late and on our first game Coach Craig was so warm and welcoming towards Henry who felt out of place with no uniform or hat and having no baseball experience.

Coach Craig asked us to stay a few minutes behind, with his own family waiting, so that he could go over some batting techniques with Henry and provide him with additional practice.

He has an amazingly nurturing personality and is a natural coach. He clearly had passion for the game but also for these bidding athletes.

Since we began Coach Craig has given Henry extra help especially when he recognizes a struggle. He is extremely positive with everyone and keeps the play moving and so much fun for all. His positive reinforcement is amazing even with some that are having a tough time and he really takes the time to celebrate even the smallest achievements with players which is very motivating.

With my son, there was a game where Henry still did not have his team shirt and he was upset because he felt like an outsider. Coach Craig came over and talked to him and was able to turn my son’s mood around by telling him that the cool star wars shirt he was wearing was like wearing an MVP shirt. This made Henry smile. Coach Craig see the greatness in everyone and takes the time with all the players and provides positive encouragement in the way that they need it.

Quite simply, he is amazing!!!

Karen Klein-Galbraith


My husband and I are so grateful to have Craig Meyer as the Coach of my sons U7 Giants this season.

Craig is so dedicated, staying after games to pitch balls to the kids and develop their skills. My son says Coach Craig is “awesome! He taught us how to through the ball”. (While showing me how to properly grip a baseball.)

Craig spends quality time with each player coaching them on all aspects of the game. My son has loved playing on the Giants so much this season he’s asked us to put him in “anything and everything baseball!”

A huge thank you to Craig and the assistant coaches of the Giants – David & Dallas – for making this such a memorable season!!

Vanessa Bucceri

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