Lauren Dattilo

Lauren has been our “Super Manager” for the last 4 seasons in spring ball.  Her commitment to keeping the players on schedule and well fed is known around the league.  Players ask to be on our team in part due to the snacks and pizza parties that Lauren organizes.  We often wonder how it’s possible for her to manage two teams, four boys and a busy career as a lawyer, but she appears to do it with ease and her warm smile.  Noah (and his brother Liam for the odd game) are great teammates, which is another credit to our super manager Lauren.

Brian Young


Lauren is a wonderful Team Manager. She takes the pressures off the coaching staff because you are so confident everything has been taken care of and updated. She goes well beyond the average team manager duties of just updating the team schedule. Lauren is making sure the boys have extra water in the dug outs during games and always go home with a little snack. The team BBQs are such an extra bonus making sure everybody feels welcome and we are all well taken care of. Lauren’s time not only to our Mosquito team is much appreciated but the other teams she manages in the White Rock Association.


Mark Finan


Lauren was our team manager for Tadpole summer ball in 2018. If it wasn’t for Lauren (as in Sophia Loren) supplying the boys with water, towels, healthy treats, not-so-healthy treats, equipment, and encouragement there is no doubt in my mind that our team would not have done as well and the experience would not have been as enjoyable for players and parents. Thank you Lauren! Also good job in raising a boy in Liam who listens to his coaches, tries his best, and is a great teammate.

Wayne Richter