Player Evaluations

Player Evaluations by Coaches

We ask all head coaches of Tadpole and Mosquito division spring teams to please use the following model to complete a player evaluation to provide feedback to the player and the player’s parents. Other division coaches are also welcome to use the model.

The model can be used at any point in the season, however, it should be used at least at or near the end of the season (spring and summer).

This evaluation is another example of how we try to improve our players’ baseball skills, knowledge and sportsmanship to deliver on our core values.

Players Evaluations Spreadsheet (Note. Enable macros after opening)

Tips in Using Player Evaluation Model

  • Enter your information on the first sheet (i.e., Players Rating Data tab).
  • Finish your comments with something positive and encouraging.
  • Use the Baseball Print Button when you are ready to print the Player Progress Reports.
Player Evaluations by Independent Evaluators (May/June and February)
General Evaluations

The general evaluations are used primarily to help with next season’s team forming to keep teams balanced and to make sure players are playing in the correct tier/skill level within their division.

This evaluation is a fun hour and a half at the ballpark in May/June or February, if the May/June evaluation is missed, where players will go through a number of different stations not unlike what they would do during a team practice. The stations will include throwing, catching, hitting and pitching. To be as fair as possible, the players are identified only by an assigned number and the evaluations will be conducted by independent coaches/evaluators.  These General Evaluations are held for players who will be playing in the Mosquito and higher divisions. Half of these players will be moving to a new division.

2019 February Evaluations: February 23rd, 24th

Players born in 2001 to 2009 who will be playing in the Mosquito, Peewee, Bantam or Midget divisions this spring are required to register for our February 23/24 Player Evaluation IF the player falls into one of the following categories:

  • Did not get evaluated last year in May or June during the General Evaluations. There are a number of players who fall into this category. If you aren’t sure, please contact our Webmaster.
  • Is new to White Rock South Surrey Baseball.
  • Was evaluated last year but has done some training in the fall or will be doing some training this winter and wants to be re-evaluated to improve chances of being selected to play in the top tier. Note: Unless you were/are enrolled in one of our fall or winter training programs, there is a $20 fee, payable by cheque to WRSSBA on evaluation day.
Register Now for February 2019 Evaluations

Late May/Early June Evaluations: TBD

Summer Ball Evaluations

The Summer Ball Evaluation is an additional evaluation session held for players interested in playing summer ball. It is held after the general evaluations and is usually run by the summer ball coaches.