Greg Frers

It Was All Because of Greg!


My name is Jeff Davis my son is in his first season and I would like to recommend our Coach.

From the first practice he has inspired my son and changed his approach to the game.

Colten is not the best of ball players yet… My son did not want to play before the season started.

I said to my son on our way to the first practice ” give me three practices, and then after that you can quit if you want to”

He agreed and after the first practice Colten fell in love with the game of Baseball!!!

It was all because of Greg. Colten said “my coach Greg is awesome!”

He has a way of delivering a message that inspires the players to try a little bit harder, and I have seen dramatic improvement in my son’s ability, and desire to make plays.

I am so proud to watch my boy enjoy himself and his teammates are supportive. It stems down from Gregs coaching. My son’s confidence is growing and he now asks me to go play catch and work on his pop flys.

I cannot say how happy and proud I am that he is not only playing ball, but loving the game.

All because of Greg Frers and his great coaching style.

Colten is still figuring out his batting stance and where feels most comfortable (left/or right) I guess he is a switch hitter?

Greg is patient and supportive and when Colten gets his bat on the ball I know he feels great!

Greg told Colten that he is improving, and that is huge for my son’s confidence. Now he is focused on doing the right things and getting better each time he is playing ball.

He really likes his coach and I see that the whole team is improving and most of all enjoying the game of Baseball.

Thanks Greg and thank you WRSSBA.


Jeff Davis

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