2024 American League Championship

The Red Sox entered the playoffs seeded number one as they came out of the regular season with the best record of all American League Teams. They fought hard and fought the weather and rain delays and ended up winning the American League Playoff Championship.

Congratulations to the Red Sox!

From left to right:

  • Coaches: Geoff Blighton, Brad Hunter, Sheldon Sengara, Ryan Thorpe, Jeff Lyons, Aaron Wilson, and Travis Archibald.
  • Players standing: Boden Thorpe, Connor Wilson, Jon Sengara, Theo Archibald, Keegan Embley, Parker Lyons, Brady Edmondson
  • Second row: Liam Blighton, Wyatt Hunter, Aidan Dugdale, Anthony Millich
  • Front: Arshan Hundal