Summer Ball Opportunities

Player Opportunities

In 2018, over 130 players had an opportunity to play summer ball. Here is the breakdown by division:

Tadpole: 3 teams (1 first year, 2 second year)
Mosquito: 4 teams (A, AA, AAA Tier II, AAA Tier I)
Peewee: 3 teams (A, AA, AAA)
Bantam: 1 team (A)

We hope to have as many opportunities this summer. However, much will depend on whether we have the coaches.

Summer ball runs from the end of June (end of spring season) until the end of the first week of August. Tadpole runs to the end of July.

Summer ball provides players the opportunity to:

  • Play more baseball and further develop their baseball skills.
  • Play with and against the best players in the division/tier.
  • Make more friends.
  • Travel to other ball parks around BC and, in some cases, to Washington state.
Summer Ball Team Tryouts

Once the general evaluations are completed and the summer ball coaches named, the summer ball coaches will be inviting players to one or more tryouts.


Questions related to summer ball should be directed to your division coordinator.